Terms and Conditions

Equipment loan periods are as follows:
For the Day: from 9am- 4:50pm (Equipment Room operating hours).
Overnight: Checked out in the afternoon to be returned the next day during the morning hours.
Weekend: Checked out Friday afternoon to be returned the following Monday during our the morning hours.
Extended: A period of time longer than over the weekend; must be approved using a Special Request Form.
The Special Request Form can be found on the Film Studies website or from the Equipment Room Office.

Be sure you check over all your equipment and understand the day and time your equipment is due back, before you sign the custody sheet. Once you have signed, you are liable for any damage and/or lost fines.
If items are more than 30 minutes late or have not been returned, students’ check out privileges will be placed on hold until items have been returned and they type out a short introspective essay to be turned in to the equipment room before new items can be lent out to them. The introspective essay must include a personal introduction section and a section explaining the reason(s) why the items were not returned on time/ when said. This version about one page, font size 12, double spaced, heading (name, name(s) of equipment used, and current date), and a title (“[equipment name(s)]” was due back on “[date]”: Introspective Essay). This policy is to deter students from any late returns and to make them think about the severity of not turning items in on time. (Further, if the department sees it is fitting, we will ask the student to also include a section of research about said equipment [history, use, retail value] and a section of apology to the department and potentially a student who was waiting on the equipment booked to them; this version about two pages).
After multiple late instances, the student’s access to equipment will be reviewed.

Once you sign out equipment, you are responsible for that equipment, and liable for all repair and/or replacement costs if that equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen.

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